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  Bonzer Productions brings together three of everybody’s favorites!

Dogs, Music and Comedy!

It’s family fun for ALL ages, the little ones to the grand ones.

• LIVE SHOWS for All Audiences – In Person, via Zoom and FaceTime

• VIDEO VARIETY - Music, Education and Entertainment

• COMMERCIALS & PRINT – Trained dogs that “sit”, “stay” and more

• LECTURE DEMONSTRATIONS – Dog Tricks to Dog Training

The Place for Comedy, Music & Canine VIDEOS

• Comedy & Characters of Diane Wasnak

• Music Videos Written & Performed by Barb Polk

• Doggy Dexterity, Tricks & Showbiz

  In 2015, Bonzer Productions began an exciting partnership with The Palo Alto Humane Society.
Together, our team won a coveted Telly Award for the video “It’s a Dog’s Day”.
Treat the kids to this educational and fun trailer on our YouTube Channel:
  To learn more about the Palo Alto Humane Society visit:  


Barb Polk sings about it and Diane & the dogs answer the question in this comical music video. “Pile of Dogs on the Bed” brought home a big WIN in
the Children’s Music Category at the International Songwriting Competition!

Click for Video                       

An active senior dog, Bizzo shares her years
of experience with her younger performing partner,
Bindi. Bizzo was featured in the AllTech TV spot
during the World Equestrian Games and KY Lottery’s
“Flying Hot Dog” commercial.

Bindi’s sweet disposition and “doggy smile” always
wins the hearts of kids and grandparents alike.
An exceptional learner, she is especially adept at
mastering new behaviors for commercial projects.

Singer/Voice Actor
• Writer & Videographer/Editor of Bonzer Videos
• Character Voices for Discovery Channel’s “Big Job”
& Chatterbuddies ProSpeech Series for Children
• Vocalist with The Don Krekel Orchestra
  DIANE WASNAK (aka Pino)

World Renown Physical Comic/Mime/Animal Trainer
• Graduate San Francisco SPCA Dog Trainer’s Academy
• Cirque du Soleil • Pickle Family Circus
• “Busker Alley”, Broadway, NYC with her dog BONZER
• Marin Shakespeare Company
  For your safety and the safety of our dogs Bonzer Productions is a USDA Licensed Exhibitor since 2001.  
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